Playlist from Keene PD Bearcat Unveiling – Dec. 8th, 2012

The cure for evil and disorder is more liberty, not suppression.
– Alexander Berkman

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Keene, NH – a college town of 25K – now has a Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck).

Despite much community opposition, the so-claimed “authorities” brought to town a militaristic vehicle. On an early, rainy Saturday morning (2012.12.08) it was unveiled.

Keene Copblockers were on the scene.

Keene Cop Block


Can the acquisition of an armored vehicle by a group of folks who claim to have a “legitimate” right to initiate force a good thing?

Perhaps the key question to ask yourself – is the trend seen here in Keene and elsewhere, toward a more paramilitary police – conducive to the type of community in which you want to live?

We all want to live in a safe, prosperous, dynamic society. Perhaps the current top-down monopoly isn’t the best means.

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Shire TV Recaps Ademo's Trial

Shire TV, a weekly news and opinion show that airs on Cheshire TV in beautiful Keene, New Hampshire on Monday evenings at 7pm, included on their August 13th, 2012 episode a segment on Ademo’s trial that had happened earlier that day.

In this clip, anchors Beau Davis and Ali Havens, who were among those present at Hillsborough County Superior Court to support Ademo, provide a good recap and share their insight on the situation.

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Murphy Assault’s Harrington:

Ademo Calls Public Officials:

Murphy Comments on Assault:

Edited Trial Video:

Raw Trial Video: