Keene Cop Block is part of a decentralized community of individuals united by the shared goals of police accountability, the promotion of individual rights and dissemination of effective tactics to use while interacting with police.

Keene Cop Block works towards police accountability by going out and recording police interaction such as traffic stops, pedestrian stops and any other times where the police interact with the public. We record video whenever possible in order to make an objective record of people’s interactions with the police should accounts of the situation vary from the recordings made. In recent years video evidence provided by citizens have help exonerate individuals from accused crimes when the video showed events claimed by the police in their own reports were fabrications. Having video evidence when you or someone else feels they’ve been wronged by the police is the best way to hold police and other government agents accountable for their actions.

With Keene being a college town as well as having a unique concentration of activists about a variety of fronts overstep of both the police and the city government has been increasing in recent years. Keene Cop Block, as well as our friends in the area, is dedicated to make sure those who claim to have authority are held accountable for their actions whenever they harm those who have not harmed others.

We hold that badges don’t grant extra rights and no one has more rights than anyone else including those in government agencies.