The cure for evil and disorder is more liberty, not suppression.
– Alexander Berkman

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Keene, NH – a college town of 25K – now has a Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck).

Despite much community opposition, the so-claimed “authorities” brought to town a militaristic vehicle. On an early, rainy Saturday morning (2012.12.08) it was unveiled.

Keene Copblockers were on the scene.

Keene Cop Block


Can the acquisition of an armored vehicle by a group of folks who claim to have a “legitimate” right to initiate force a good thing?

Perhaps the key question to ask yourself – is the trend seen here in Keene and elsewhere, toward a more paramilitary police – conducive to the type of community in which you want to live?

We all want to live in a safe, prosperous, dynamic society. Perhaps the current top-down monopoly isn’t the best means.

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