Keene Cop Block Assists Christopher David, Civ Dis UBER Driver

JP Freeman and Jessica Phillips of Keene Cop Block traveled to Portsmouth this morning to accompany Christopher David as he turned himself in on a felony wiretapping charge. Free Keene broke the story of Chris’ civil disobedience of illegally driving people around Portsmouth as a driver with UBER. He was targeted by police for recording audio of a bouncer at a bar (who it appears is a cab driver by day) threatening Chris. Now, he’s facing years in prison.

JP recorded a brief interview with Chris before he turned himself in to be arrested for the first time in his life. Chris points out in the interview that he’s only turning himself in so the cops don’t bust in during his fiancee’s upcoming home birth and take him away then:

He turns himself over to PPD for booking and is released – here’s the video JP took of the moment he was released back to the semi-free world: (more…)

CopBlock Know Your Rights Flyer Updated for 2014

A few tweaks have been made to the know-your-rights flyer we’ve been handing out on the streets of Keene for years. They contain simple, solid info about your rights when encountering police. Even if you think you already know your rights, it doesn’t hurt to review. Please share! Click the graphics for the full-size versions or click: (front, back):

policewarningflyer2014_front policewarningflyer2014_back