State Representative Gadys Johnsen tries to Deny 1st Amendment Right and Right to Record Public official

On Sunday the 19th Keene Cop Blocks JP Freeman  was at a gathering with local activists at an event at Local Burger on Main Street Keene NH when he saw a Police SUV pull over a Motorist near by . When he started capturing the interaction he noticed Officer Leslie Collier conducting the Traffic Stop.  Gladys sponsored a bill requiring NH State Police to wear Lapel Cameras in all interactions with the public . So I ask why was she so rude to being recorded and why did she try to deny the right to record and the right to the 1st Amendment . She even asked the Police Officer to do something about the CopBlocker capturing the interaction . All our public officials need to be held accountable and this Representative fraudulently  representing the public’s interest was definitely held accountable .

You can find the proposed Bill here,…



Cover up with intimidation

UPDATE – Emily Clogston of Warren NH who was hit by off duty Sate Police Commander of Troop F has passed away from her injuries sustained in the crash . After numerous calls to Chief of Police Pinson of Lisbon NH Monday July 13th and today they are still insisting on dodging questions and being extremely combative on the Phone . Monday i was threatened by Desk SGT Mckinley who i told was being recorded he forcefully tried to intimidate me and said i had no right . I told the misinformed and poorly trained SGT . That he had NO EXPECTATION of privacy because he was a public official . He told me I had no expectation of privacy and hung the phone up angrily and unprofessionally .
He was advised of the United States Appeals Court decision Glik case and he denied anything about it and impeded my first amendment right and violated the 8th article of the NH State Constitution .
Today I tried filing an internal complaint on Sgt Mckinley to his only superior which is Chief Pinson . He threatened me , yelled at me and said if I show up in his Town with a camera I will be tossed in Jail .
Note , Chief Pinson friend of Lt. Todd Landry the troop commander who committed Negligent Homicide , is the very one who investigated the scene and concluded no wrong doing. Chief Pinson was in violation of the Conflict of Interest and fraternization policies of the Professional Training and Standards of NH . Call floods need to happen to this corrupt Police Dept. and their negligent cover up to give justice to Emily and due process with full disclosure and media coverage .
A full complaint was filed on the Police Dept of Lisbon and the Chief with the NH Dept of Justice .

Chief Pinson, Deputy Director
46 School Street
Lisbon, NH 03585
(603) 838-6377
(603) 838-67907

Corruption in a Bias Investagation

Todd Landry a State Police Commander of Troop F hit an an 18 year old girl on a skateboard two days ago in front of the Lisbon Police Station. The 18 year old Emily Clogston of Warren NH was critically injured by the hit. After going to the Scene I noticed differences in the story put out by Lisbon Police Chief verse the crash sight itself .
It seems to me that Lt. Landry was traveling too fast around the corner and also was not paying attention to where he was going . I also want to point out Lt. Landry is friends with Lisbon Police Chief Scott Pinson .
No breathalizer test or sobriety checks where done , nor did Lt. Landry get his Phone taken for evidence to show if he was distracted on the New Hnads free Law that was started July 1st of this year. My skeptisizm comes from a long back ground of dealing with Police on weekly basis for three years.
Police will cover up for one another and this girl that is fighting for her life deserves answers to why she is being named at fault over a cover up from badge friends.
I also want to note that Troopers from his own unit showed up first , probably to cover up what they can before an objective investigation can be done ..

and Bias story lead by the locals .
Lisbon:NHSP Troop F Commander Involved In Accident With Skateboarder
LISBON, N.H. — The commander of N.H. State Police Troop F, the Twin Mountain agency providing state police coverage to all of the North Country, was involved in an off-duty accident Wednesday evening with a skateboarder, who police say collided with his truck and sustained life-threatening injuries.
Friday, July 10, 2015

Keene State Student, Wrongfully Arrested During Pumpkin Fest, Takes Plea Deal

Alpha Dogs Attack Student

Pumpkin Fest 2014: Dozens of Staties Attack Three Innocent, Teen Students

Ryan McLellan and his friends never hurt anyone or destroyed any property on the night of Pumpkin Fest 2014. However, that didn’t stop dozens of state police from swarming and attacking the three young men as they attempted to go to the Campus Convenience store on the corner of the block where their dorm was located. Earlier in the day and night there were riots in the neighborhood, but by the early morning hours when Ryan and his friends were attacked, there was nothing happening.

Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. Their neighborhood was being occupied by a very large group of armed men who were in a mood to order around and kidnap anyone they darn well wanted. Here’s the original video I released at the time, which shows the arrests and surrounding scene in full. Just minutes prior to their attack, but before the huge throng of state police had been brought in, I had been in the exact same place as the young men. Though the cops who were there at the time prohibited me from crossing into Winchester St., (for no apparent reason other than arbitrary control), they did not tackle and arrest me, like was done to Ryan and his friends.

Sadly, despite his being a clear case of police abuse and having an attorney willing to take the case to trial and beyond, Ryan took the plea deal, having a nonsense “resisting arrest” charge conditionally nolle-prossed in return for his guilty plea to “disorderly conduct”. These are two of the police’s favorite charges to throw at someone who they don’t like, but has otherwise done nothing wrong.

They were going to the convenience store. It was past midnight and they were hungry. When told to “GO HOME!”, they seemed confused – after all, they had committed no crimes, and further, there were other normal people walking down Winchester St, so why were they allowed to walk somewhere but not Ryan and friends?

When they didn’t turn immediately and high-tail it out of there, the thronging mass of state police officers pounced and violently took the young men to the pavement. A parent of one of Ryan’s friends said:

“My son has had 2 MRIs bad concussion lives with headaches everyday, dislocated his shoulder, sprained ankle and bruised the inside of his mouth from kneeling on his face.”

During sentencing, judge Edward J Burke fined him $1,000 suspended for two years on condition of good behavior, gave him 50 hours of community service, and lectured him as though he were somehow as bad as the people who had committed violence or property destruction, despite him never being accused of doing any such thing!

Here’s the full video of the sentencing hearing, with a brief recap at the beginning:

It was sad to watch. If you’re ever facing criminal charges, especially in the case of police abuse – please consider not taking the plea deal. Taking the plea only encourages more bad behavior from the police and “justice” system like this and ensures you’ll never be able to challenge what they did to you.

Finally, before you accuse me of being anti-police, remember it was my video I gave to Keene police that led to the capture and conviction of people who actually committed violent and property crime during the Pumpkin Fest riots. I am fine with the police going after real criminals, but not peaceful people like Ryan and his friends.

Keene Police Keep People Ignorant About Potential Shooter Downtown

Keene SWAT Exits 39 Central Square

Keene SWAT Exits 39 Central Square

Thursday night Keene police received a call from a man claiming to be holding hostages at gunpoint inside 39 Central Square. As a result, at least eight officers (some toting M4 ricfles) surrounded the building. Later, the BEARCAT rolled up and at least eight more officers, armed up with SWAT gear, piled out and entered via the front door.

Multiple liberty activists responded to the scene after local independent journalist Jared Goodell posted the news that armed police were on Central Square. (Goodell’s personal facebook profile is quickly becoming a go-to destination for breaking news in Keene.) Keene police kept the initial call from the alleged hostage-taker off of their two-way radio system, in what was the beginning of a campaign to preclude the public from actually knowing anything about what was happening in their midst.

All people in the streets knew was the police were hiding behind brick walls, brandishing guns and observing the block of buildings that includes 39 Central Square. To their credit, the Keene police were not preventing people from taking the risk of walking downtown, but they were at the same time not informing anyone about the risk that may have been present.

When asked, multiple pairs of the officers surrounding the building would deny any knowledge of why they were there. Why lie? After I asked three sets of officers what was happening, I finally got the barest minimum of information out of Michael “Pepper” Kopcha. He admitted there may be a situation in the building, but again, gave no information as to what danger may be present.

There are arguments both for and against how they responded, but there’s no good reason to keep people in the dark about what is happening, especially if they want people to believe they are “serving and protecting” them. (more…)