Robin Hood

Some Keene Copblockers engage in Robin Hooding to rescue others in the community from being ransomed by Keene’s “parking enforcers.”

Whenever someone’s meter is expired, a coin is placed into the meter to extend the person’s time, especially if it is in the direct path of the individual working for the Bureau of Parking Enforcement. Usually a lone nickle is sufficient. Often, if time allows, a Robin Hooder will walk ahead of the would be ransom-issuer ( sometimes while attempting conversation), depositing a coin in each expired meter along the way. This has proven to be an effective deterrent.

You are welcome to replicate this activism in your hometown. It can create a lot of goodwill with your neighbors while underscoring the absurdity that someone claim the “right” to steal money from you for accessing public property.

If you do happen to get a ransom note on your vehicle, rather than just put your hard-earned money in the envelope and mail it without a second thought, consider if there’s another avenue that you can pursue.

Instead of feeding that same failed institution you could plead “not guilty” (after all, there is no victim or damage to property) and demand a jury trial. If you are told that you’re “guilty” don’t automatically open your billfold – what about offering instead to do community service? Or sitting the time at the Cheshire County Spiritual Retreat (at 50FRNs/day)? If just a fraction of us did so it’d be impossible to continue this shake-down racket.