Failing in their duties because of Bias

After I became a CopBlocker in September of 2013 , I noticed a spike in liberty activist and CopBlockers being assaulted. Even with clear evidence on video on multiple occasions. Keene Police insist on dragging their feet and or do absolutely NOTHING. The assault by a Keene State College student last September on myself was directly in front of the very Officer who sparked the attack. We later found out,  that particular officer was the assailants coach on the Keene State College Lacrosse Team . The assault on Robin Hooder of Keene James Cleveland by Nick Mcallister a well known homeless man with a big history of violent behavior and also well known by the Police . After I was sitting in Rich Pauls Bail hearing and watching a video that clearly shows a violent assault on Rich Paul  , and hearing Rich’s Lawyer get angry at the fact that no one was charged on the assault. I had to establish a pattern Keene Police,  looking past illegal violent activity towards CopBlockers or Free Keene activists and want to repost all videos related to this and start a call flood for justice. Keene Police is showing the public that it is ok to attack us on sight without any consequences from Police . This needs to be dealt with now. Here are videos to prove assaults with no action from the Police.


Only Here Because I have to Be

The below was written by ‘shire inhabitant Michael Gordon about his experience walking into legaland and choosing not to admit guilt were none exists but to speak the truth.

Thanks to our friends at for filming and uploading the interaction!


by Michael Gordon

I sit here at almost midnight approximately three days after I told myself I’d write something about this ordeal. I’m such a busy person. We got us up at 7am this morning. Our family has been going non-stop today just as we always do. The last few years I’ve been afraid of what would happen when my non compliance came calling. I know that if I’m afraid then I’ve lost. If they control my mind there can be no freedom. The amount of time it takes to earn $63 is much less than the time I must invest to not be afraid of this system. Its much simpler to pay the ransom demanded of me.

At first I was a nervous. As we began the conference I could see Scott was uncomfortable. Scott squirmed in his seat and made ticking sounds with his mouth. I’m sure the greatest tool we currently have for accountability there increased these feelings. Quickly I begin to feel more confident in what I was doing. No reason for me to be nervous. I’m not the one who’s doing anything wrong.

The first 45-seconds of the video Scott barely makes eye contact. Made ticking sounds with his mouth and wiggled in his seat. His body language says he’s uncomfortable. He’s uncomfortable because he knows what he’s doing is wrong. Or at least the limbic part of his brain does. A number of times Scott expresses sympathy towards my situation but admits well that’s how things are. What Scott fails to understand, he’s the enforcer of the aggressive acts against me. Around 4:40 Scott says he doesn’t blame me for not wanting to go to jail. Around 6:15 Scott states how unfortunate the consequences of my disobedience are. If he truly feels their unfortunate then why does he perpetrate them?

An important point I want to make, “we the people” are not free. How free can I be if I can’t travel unencumbered without having a piece of plastic on my person and a sticker on the vehicle I’m driving?

Wish me luck. I do not plan to pay the ransom against me. Each time I must appear I will be doing so under duress.




Corruption Case Against Officer Matthew Griffin

The following was submitted by Centurion and is part of an on going investigation

On Sept 5th at around 11pm there was a alleged 911 hang up call at 15 Blake Street, Keene, NH, Unknown apt#.   Officer Griffin supposedly responded to this bogus call.

From KPD Call Log: 13-22428 2121 Phone – 911 HANG-UP CALLS Arrest(s) Made

Call Taker: 213 – Pomerleau, Marsha

Primary Id: 182 – Griffin, Matthew

Call Closed By: 147 – Milton, Christopher 09/05/2013 2319

Call Modified By: 147 – Milton, Christopher

Location/Address: [KEE 912] 15 BLAKE ST – 15 BLAKE ST Apt. #A/B

Jurisdiction: KEENE

ID: 176 – Thompson, Jason

Disp-21:22:53 Enrt-21:23:11 Arvd-21:27:41 Clrd-23:18:56

Arrived By: 176 – Thompson, Jason

Cleared By: 147 – Milton, Christopher

ID: 174 – Nugent, Benjamin

Disp-21:23:05 Enrt-21:23:08 Clrd-21:23:34

ID: 182 – Griffin, Matthew

Disp-21:23:38 Enrt-21:23:40 Arvd-21:25:18 Clrd-23:18:58

Cleared By: 147 – Milton, Christopher