The following was submitted by Centurion and is part of an on going investigation

On Sept 5th at around 11pm there was a alleged 911 hang up call at 15 Blake Street, Keene, NH, Unknown apt#.   Officer Griffin supposedly responded to this bogus call.

From KPD Call Log: 13-22428 2121 Phone – 911 HANG-UP CALLS Arrest(s) Made

Call Taker: 213 – Pomerleau, Marsha

Primary Id: 182 – Griffin, Matthew

Call Closed By: 147 – Milton, Christopher 09/05/2013 2319

Call Modified By: 147 – Milton, Christopher

Location/Address: [KEE 912] 15 BLAKE ST – 15 BLAKE ST Apt. #A/B

Jurisdiction: KEENE

ID: 176 – Thompson, Jason

Disp-21:22:53 Enrt-21:23:11 Arvd-21:27:41 Clrd-23:18:56

Arrived By: 176 – Thompson, Jason

Cleared By: 147 – Milton, Christopher

ID: 174 – Nugent, Benjamin

Disp-21:23:05 Enrt-21:23:08 Clrd-21:23:34

ID: 182 – Griffin, Matthew

Disp-21:23:38 Enrt-21:23:40 Arvd-21:25:18 Clrd-23:18:58

Cleared By: 147 – Milton, Christopher

I’ve been told that there is no land line anywhere in the house’s three apartments.  The number Matt Griffin gave the two young ladies came back to Keene State College Campus Safety which draws the conclusion of possible corrupt behavior.   I don’t think campus safety would hang up on a 911 call.  I called the NH Dept Bureau of Communications and spoke to Raymond Woolard and I have to make a request to the dept head Simon Frazier to get the phone record of that call. (603)271-6911

Officer Griffin told the young ladies they were charged as Class ‘A’ Misdemeanors even though their paperwork was checked off as a violation.  In Griffin’s log, the two ladies were arrested even though their Miranda was not given, they were not processed or handcuffed at any time.  Griffin also made a comment like, “I’ve been getting little girls like you all night and Ill be getting more ’til 3am.” While hysterically crying, the victims were being mocked by Griffin.  He entered the home on false pretenses under a false 911 call to steal a small pipe, a bowl pack of weed in the pipe and a silver grinder.  When Officer Griffin came to the door initially he was told several times he had no right to be there and to please leave.   Interesting enough, the so called 911 hang up came almost 30 minutes before the illegal entry.  I am calling Campus Safety and I will try to establish the truth.  I think Matt has ties because he’s an assistant Lacrosse Coach at KSC and he sent a text someone to make the call to make an illegal probable cause entry to make arrests for personal gain.  Updates and the arrest report to come.

Matt Griffin
Title: Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator
Phone: 603-852-9777

badge #182
school resource officer
603.357.9813  x7182

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