Continuing our investigation into issues with Matt Griffin that you can see here

On the night of September 20, 2013 at roughly 11:13pm, myself and Centurion were standing outside of a party at 107 Wilson St anticipating a noise complaint call. Two minutes later there was a call that came over the radio that a “neighbor” called in and said there were parties happening on both sides of her home. We later found out that the call was from someone inside the house. As soon as the call came in over the radio Centurion went across the street to inform the party that he heard the call and that the cops were on their way. 15 seconds later Matt Griffin (Badge #182) showed up and started talking with people on the porch. Two minutes later Matthew Bomberg (Badge #203) arrived and the two of them started clearing out people from the side and back yards.

Two minutes after they started clearing the party Griffin and Bomberg walked over to where Griffin’s bike and Bomberg’s car were parked and start talking to each other. Then a still unidentified subject holding a red shirt is seen talking to Griffin and then immediately makes a B-line straight to Centurion and starts harassing him while he’s video recording. Redshirt then hit Centurion’s camera three times right in front of Griffin. Instead of dealing with the aggressor, Griffin backed Centurion across the street even though he was already on a public sidewalk. Centurion asked Griffin to take action on the assault which he refused to do. Redshirt then started shouting at Centurion and started to make his way across the street, again in front of Griffin and Bomberg who did nothing. After Redshirt argued and was belligerent to Centurion, Redshirt then struck Centurion in the face. Again Griffin and Bomberg did nothing. Centurion started to remove himself from the situation and was pursued by a different individual. At that point Ben Nugent escorted that individual away from Centurion but he also did nothing when he was informed of the assault on Centurion.

If you recognize the attacker in the video please contact us.  The part in interest starts at the 3:40 mark.

So the question is; why’d Griffin side with an assailant? Beyond that, why when a crime was reported to him did he refuse to even identify the aggressor? Griffin is an assistant coach on the college’s lacrosse team. Was that one of his players? Griffin was talking to the assailant right before Centurion was harassed which just creates more questions.  Later in the night Centurion asked those questions of Matt Griffin without a response.