Jan. 9, 2014: http://www.copblock.org/44236/ransom-levied-then-rescinded/

David Lauren, the person pursuing the ransom against me on behalf of the “City of Keene”, plans to, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 06, 2013, in Keene District Court, object to the content I shared with him as part of my discovery.

Specifically – video from the night Lesley Collier, Keene police employee, left the ransom note on my Tahoe, and three screenshots from wunderground.com that showed that there was no precipitation that night, nor the previous two nights.

For the letter I shared with Lauren and other content, see:

The text on paper Lauren and his comrades claim entitles them to my coin, despite the fact that they’ve yet to point to anyone that I harmed, about overnight parked allegedly exists to ensure the streets can be plowed easily. But, when the streets are clear and a ransom is given, that demonstrates their ultimate aim: revenue generation.

An update to whatever goes down tomorrow will be posted to KeeneCopBlock.org.