“obfuscation, stonewalling, say-nothing, do-nothing, run-away!” – words ‘shire-based videographer Dave Ridley used to describe the actions of Ken Meola, Keene Police Department employee, when he’s questioned.

My own experience has been the same. The handful of times I’ve been in Meola’s presence and have attempted a conversation with him, he’s remained mute.

Perhaps I should be surprised, seeing as the mission Meola claims to uphold lists “courtesy” as a main component, but I’m aware of the perverse incentives in the monopolistic, hierarchical structure in which he works.

Is Meola’s statement – that the recently-acquired Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) will not be modified – to be believed? Meaning, that no extra armaments will be added to the 19,000-lb vehicle?

I don’t think any sane person would put-forth that this militarized vehicle needed in quaint Keene, and therefore, nor would any additional accessories (used to kill those who don’t obey).

But recall, Meola and some of his colleagues justified the acquisition of the vehicle because it was “free” (it’s not free obviously, the DHS, through those who pay their annual ransom to the larger, federal government, covered the cost of the 286,000FRN piece of hardware to Keene PD and 299 other towns).

Is it likely that Meola and his co-conspirators would turn-down with a battering-ram arm used to inject gas, or a turret-mounted gun? If we who value peace, accountability, and consensual interactions stay focused on the actions of those who claim a “legitimate” right to initiate force the chances are definitely less-likely…

Note that this video was originally uploaded to YouTube.com/RidleyReport on Dec. 26th, 2012