I went to the 8th District Court today for my normal Don’t Take a Plea outreach this is February 11th Thursday .
After a half hour of passing out fliers , unlike other activist i actually sit in on the arraignments for the morning .
I converse with Prosecutors ask questions and denounce the victim-less charges they have there.
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Darcy hall No plea, request for trial .
Matthew Murray no plea, request for trial and claims it was the flier that helped his decision and wants to take it fully to trial on getting stopped with an out of state suspended license .
Stanley Santaw no plea, request for trial.
Alicia Marshall no plea deal, request for trial .

After Leaving the Court I proceeded to go to State Attorneys Office to follow up with a Complaint of Police ordered to be Sequestered during Jury Trials conversing about the case among other Prosecutor Witnesses in the same room when the Administrative rules of Court Procedure under statute states they need to be separated .
This was witnessed at the James Cleveland Trial with multiple Cops all put in a small room together .

I then traveled to Winchester Ct, Keene to interview two College students Nicole and Pete to ask what their take is on the new City Ordinance in reducing the noise curfew from 11pm to 10pm .
During this interaction i noticed what is known to be a Code Enforcement car so I pulled my camera out and almost got hit and the City Bureaucrat failed to yield this is what happened.

I then called the State after the State to record how the double standard will apply to the situation and this is that interaction .

RSA 265:35, 36 States that car must yield or stop or clear to opposite side of road.
After going to the Monopoly Station this is the wall I hit when I arrived