On September 12th 2015 in the area of Keene State College the Keene Police Department along with help from the State Police and area agencies stepped up patrols and details around the College .
In response to this witch hunt by the City of Keene to generate even more revenue from the students the College has lost hundreds of students.
Sources say at the college , that the Student enrollment was 300 shorter than last year .
College officials blame the riots but most students say its because of the huge presence of Cops in the area of the college.
Students have told CopBlockers they feel stalked , watched , even more unsafe .
Some even mentioned they feel its an infringement on their privacy because Police have been camping outside Dorms and College houses .
Officer Macie and Thompson have been seen and heard going around passing out noise violations and also looking illegally through bags without prior consent along with sneaky tactics and tricking drunk kids to allow them into their houses impaired .
Keene Police have been fining every one who lives in a college house not just one , some of them have up to seven kids at 250 a piece . They hit 12 to 13 houses a night and sometimes fining them multiple times .
According to Officer Kyle Macie ” The Time for Partying is over ” and according Officer Thompson ” The time for education is here ”