On September 4th 2015 FSP Early Mover and a CopBlockers step children saw police on Water Street . With the phone the oldest daughter had she started to make believe she was recording .
Officer Kyle Macie and Kevin Baca drove over to say hi to the kids and asked the oldest daughter how she was doing . She replied ” I don’t answer questions to the Police . While the brother got the CopBlocker to come see the issue while the daughter began to ride away from them .
The Copblocker said hi to the cop and the officer  angrily said that it is horrible to teach your kids not to  answer questions to the Police . He  said they do get taught to talk when there is a victim being caused and I was accused of teaching them wrong . This video shows an experienced CopBlocker getting Kyle to admit that he mentioned the kids and himself in role call of the shift that started Sept. 5th 2015 night time .
Notice how JP uses the same self incriminating questioning to get him from denying it, to then admitting it . Classic .
Police officers should not be using 5th amendment rights expressed to them and using that freedom to put a preconception into the minds of other officers that kids are being taught wrong merely from teaching children the right to stay silent when be questioned by the police .
This clearly shows the disregard in all our freedoms and the general effort of the police to show force and smear our freedoms and obviously they take it personally as well . I guess impartiality is gone as well in their professional behavior and being personal is more important even though it violates the oath they say they protect ..
WRITTEN BY : Liberty Lady .