UPDATE – Emily Clogston of Warren NH who was hit by off duty Sate Police Commander of Troop F has passed away from her injuries sustained in the crash . After numerous calls to Chief of Police Pinson of Lisbon NH Monday July 13th and today they are still insisting on dodging questions and being extremely combative on the Phone . Monday i was threatened by Desk SGT Mckinley who i told was being recorded he forcefully tried to intimidate me and said i had no right . I told the misinformed and poorly trained SGT . That he had NO EXPECTATION of privacy because he was a public official . He told me I had no expectation of privacy and hung the phone up angrily and unprofessionally .
He was advised of the United States Appeals Court decision Glik case and he denied anything about it and impeded my first amendment right and violated the 8th article of the NH State Constitution .
Today I tried filing an internal complaint on Sgt Mckinley to his only superior which is Chief Pinson . He threatened me , yelled at me and said if I show up in his Town with a camera I will be tossed in Jail .
Note , Chief Pinson friend of Lt. Todd Landry the troop commander who committed Negligent Homicide , is the very one who investigated the scene and concluded no wrong doing. Chief Pinson was in violation of the Conflict of Interest and fraternization policies of the Professional Training and Standards of NH . Call floods need to happen to this corrupt Police Dept. and their negligent cover up to give justice to Emily and due process with full disclosure and media coverage .
A full complaint was filed on the Police Dept of Lisbon and the Chief with the NH Dept of Justice .

Chief Pinson, Deputy Director
46 School Street
Lisbon, NH 03585
(603) 838-6377
(603) 838-67907