Todd Landry a State Police Commander of Troop F hit an an 18 year old girl on a skateboard two days ago in front of the Lisbon Police Station. The 18 year old Emily Clogston of Warren NH was critically injured by the hit. After going to the Scene I noticed differences in the story put out by Lisbon Police Chief verse the crash sight itself .
It seems to me that Lt. Landry was traveling too fast around the corner and also was not paying attention to where he was going . I also want to point out Lt. Landry is friends with Lisbon Police Chief Scott Pinson .
No breathalizer test or sobriety checks where done , nor did Lt. Landry get his Phone taken for evidence to show if he was distracted on the New Hnads free Law that was started July 1st of this year. My skeptisizm comes from a long back ground of dealing with Police on weekly basis for three years.
Police will cover up for one another and this girl that is fighting for her life deserves answers to why she is being named at fault over a cover up from badge friends.
I also want to note that Troopers from his own unit showed up first , probably to cover up what they can before an objective investigation can be done ..

and Bias story lead by the locals .
Lisbon:NHSP Troop F Commander Involved In Accident With Skateboarder
LISBON, N.H. — The commander of N.H. State Police Troop F, the Twin Mountain agency providing state police coverage to all of the North Country, was involved in an off-duty accident Wednesday evening with a skateboarder, who police say collided with his truck and sustained life-threatening injuries.
Friday, July 10, 2015