Video of the Cop Block Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Video of the Cop Block Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Keene, NH holds the distinction of being the home of both Cop Block founders Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman. New Hampshire is also the destination for the Free State Project, which is encouraging liberty-minded people, including police accountability activists, to move together so as to be more effective. What better place to hold a yearly panel discussing Cop Blocking?

JP Freeman of Keene Cop Block headed up this year’s Cop Block Panel at Keenevention. Panelists took audience questions and discussed various aspects and experiences of Cop Blocking in New Hampshire and included Steven Daves of Keene Cop Block, Jessica Phillips of Keene Cop Block, plus Ann Leverette and Rob Mathias of the Rebel Love Show.

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Keene Cop Block Assists Christopher David, Civ Dis UBER Driver

JP Freeman and Jessica Phillips of Keene Cop Block traveled to Portsmouth this morning to accompany Christopher David as he turned himself in on a felony wiretapping charge. Free Keene broke the story of Chris’ civil disobedience of illegally driving people around Portsmouth as a driver with UBER. He was targeted by police for recording audio of a bouncer at a bar (who it appears is a cab driver by day) threatening Chris. Now, he’s facing years in prison.

JP recorded a brief interview with Chris before he turned himself in to be arrested for the first time in his life. Chris points out in the interview that he’s only turning himself in so the cops don’t bust in during his fiancee’s upcoming home birth and take him away then:

He turns himself over to PPD for booking and is released – here’s the video JP took of the moment he was released back to the semi-free world: (more…)

Announcing the Full Cop Block Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Cop Block Panel 2015JP Freeman of Keene Cop Block will be heading up this year’s Cop Block Panel. JP’s earned it – he may be the most dedicated cop blocker in all of New Hampshire. Join JP and his panel of experienced Cop Blockers and bring your questions!  Panelists to include Ann Leverette of Seditious Sirens, Steve Daves of Keene Cop Block, Jessica Phillips of Keene Cop Block, and Rob Mathias of the Rebel Love Show.

Keenevention is Hallowkeene weekend, October 30th through November 1st. Tickets for the third-annual Keenevention are just $60 or BTC for the whole weekend, including the Hallowkeene costume dance party! Pre-event ticketing is limited to 100, so lock yours in now.

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Time for partying is OVER and the Time for Education is here .

On September 12th 2015 in the area of Keene State College the Keene Police Department along with help from the State Police and area agencies stepped up patrols and details around the College .
In response to this witch hunt by the City of Keene to generate even more revenue from the students the College has lost hundreds of students.
Sources say at the college , that the Student enrollment was 300 shorter than last year .
College officials blame the riots but most students say its because of the huge presence of Cops in the area of the college.
Students have told CopBlockers they feel stalked , watched , even more unsafe .
Some even mentioned they feel its an infringement on their privacy because Police have been camping outside Dorms and College houses .
Officer Macie and Thompson have been seen and heard going around passing out noise violations and also looking illegally through bags without prior consent along with sneaky tactics and tricking drunk kids to allow them into their houses impaired .
Keene Police have been fining every one who lives in a college house not just one , some of them have up to seven kids at 250 a piece . They hit 12 to 13 houses a night and sometimes fining them multiple times .
According to Officer Kyle Macie ” The Time for Partying is over ” and according Officer Thompson ” The time for education is here ”

CopBlockers Kids Mentioned at Role Call in response to them being taught Not to answer questions

On September 4th 2015 FSP Early Mover and a CopBlockers step children saw police on Water Street . With the phone the oldest daughter had she started to make believe she was recording .
Officer Kyle Macie and Kevin Baca drove over to say hi to the kids and asked the oldest daughter how she was doing . She replied ” I don’t answer questions to the Police . While the brother got the CopBlocker to come see the issue while the daughter began to ride away from them .
The Copblocker said hi to the cop and the officer  angrily said that it is horrible to teach your kids not to  answer questions to the Police . He  said they do get taught to talk when there is a victim being caused and I was accused of teaching them wrong . This video shows an experienced CopBlocker getting Kyle to admit that he mentioned the kids and himself in role call of the shift that started Sept. 5th 2015 night time .
Notice how JP uses the same self incriminating questioning to get him from denying it, to then admitting it . Classic .
Police officers should not be using 5th amendment rights expressed to them and using that freedom to put a preconception into the minds of other officers that kids are being taught wrong merely from teaching children the right to stay silent when be questioned by the police .
This clearly shows the disregard in all our freedoms and the general effort of the police to show force and smear our freedoms and obviously they take it personally as well . I guess impartiality is gone as well in their professional behavior and being personal is more important even though it violates the oath they say they protect ..
WRITTEN BY : Liberty Lady .