Keene now has a Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck).

Does the world you want to live in include this militaristic vehicle?

Check out this stellar overview video put-together by, which compares the Bearcat to Keene’s Fire Truck #1 [*note, only slight alterations were made for this version].

The lie peddled over and over to try to assuage the vocal widespread opposition, was that the Bearcat was as a “rescue” vehicle. Seems as though Ken Meola and his cronies read a bit too much from Vladimir Lenin, who stated, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Unlike our “protectors”, I think most of us are too smart to buy-into that misinformation.

Do you really think Keene residents would choose to pay-up to bring such a monstrosity to town??

Remind yourself, as the double-speak surrounding this issue and these institutions is prevalent – the folks who brought the Bearcat to town claim to protect you. That “protection” is done at the barrel of a gun. All Keene residents, whether they like it or not, are told “pay up” or else.

What if you’re not happy with the services rendered? How do you feel if you see a Keene police cruiser in your rearview mirror? Nervous? Anxious? Doesn’t that seem odd?

As well-intentioned as some employed at the Keene police department genuinely are, there’s no way the current policing structure can ever realize its very worthwhile goal (for a safe community). They simply lack the proper incentives.

To put it plainly, the lack of competition means there’s an oversupply of policing. And a lack of accountability.

We don’t turn to a centralized, top-down hierarchy to provide goods arguably more important than policing, such as food (without which, you’d sooner be in peril), so why believe a force-backed structure is necessary in this case?

If you think a move towards a more-militarized Keene isn’t ideal, expose yourself to some alternatives:

Keene Bearcat Grant

Hopefully individual Keene police employees will think about this seriously and act aligned with their conscience, which I hope means that they’ll refuse to operate the Bearcat. That’d be a significant step. And admittedly it’d be a tough step to take, when in that “thin blue line” culture, but what does it same about ones character if opt to act according to the dictates of another rather than themselves.

As the saying goes – create the world in which you want to see. The Bearcat is here. But that doesn’t mean it has to get used. It’d be a powerful action that’d resonate with others if individuals in that environment choose not to unthinking comply, but to side with those they claim to serve and, I’d hope, with their own conscience.

That seems to me the best choice for us now, and for future generations.


Keene Cop Block

If you’re outside of Keene connect your local offshoot:

Keene Police Department

Playlist from Bearcat Unveiling

[footage from multiple individuals]