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Criminals Wipe-Out Keene Business in Broad Daylight

The property stolen by the organized gang from a business in downtown Keene in broad daylight on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, totaled into the tens of thousands of federal reserve notes. And though a couple of the thieves tried to hide their identity with masks, they seemed pretty smug – one even donned a shirt emblazoned with the message “Believe in Heroes.”

Many inhabitants, patrons of the business, and others concerned about the brazen violation of rights, were present and let the criminals know of their disapproval.

This is ultimately about ideas – the individuals captured on film wearing badges of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Keene Police Department outwardly act as if they alone are not culpable for their actions. That they’re “just doing their job.”

That seems more like a defensive mechanism to prevent themselves from actually having a conversation and thinking about the implications of their own involvement. Not just those harmed at that moment – in this case the business owner and employees and those who engaged in consensual interactions, but themselves, as acting to advance inherently conflicting ideas (that justice can come from coercion) will only compound internal contradictions.

This video was posted to and embedded on a post at by Ian Freeman, co-host of Free Talk Live

Fortunately, the draconian sweep didn’t invoke fear and paralysis into the owner of Phat Stuff, who has since noted “we are going to use this tragedy as motivation to rebuild…bigger and better than it already was”.

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Only Here Because I have to Be

The below was written by ‘shire inhabitant Michael Gordon about his experience walking into legaland and choosing not to admit guilt were none exists but to speak the truth.

Thanks to our friends at for filming and uploading the interaction!


by Michael Gordon

I sit here at almost midnight approximately three days after I told myself I’d write something about this ordeal. I’m such a busy person. We got us up at 7am this morning. Our family has been going non-stop today just as we always do. The last few years I’ve been afraid of what would happen when my non compliance came calling. I know that if I’m afraid then I’ve lost. If they control my mind there can be no freedom. The amount of time it takes to earn $63 is much less than the time I must invest to not be afraid of this system. Its much simpler to pay the ransom demanded of me.

At first I was a nervous. As we began the conference I could see Scott was uncomfortable. Scott squirmed in his seat and made ticking sounds with his mouth. I’m sure the greatest tool we currently have for accountability there increased these feelings. Quickly I begin to feel more confident in what I was doing. No reason for me to be nervous. I’m not the one who’s doing anything wrong.

The first 45-seconds of the video Scott barely makes eye contact. Made ticking sounds with his mouth and wiggled in his seat. His body language says he’s uncomfortable. He’s uncomfortable because he knows what he’s doing is wrong. Or at least the limbic part of his brain does. A number of times Scott expresses sympathy towards my situation but admits well that’s how things are. What Scott fails to understand, he’s the enforcer of the aggressive acts against me. Around 4:40 Scott says he doesn’t blame me for not wanting to go to jail. Around 6:15 Scott states how unfortunate the consequences of my disobedience are. If he truly feels their unfortunate then why does he perpetrate them?

An important point I want to make, “we the people” are not free. How free can I be if I can’t travel unencumbered without having a piece of plastic on my person and a sticker on the vehicle I’m driving?

Wish me luck. I do not plan to pay the ransom against me. Each time I must appear I will be doing so under duress.




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Copblock Radio’s Eric Freerock on Trial for “Disobeying an Officer” 2014-01-30

During a DUI checkpoint in 2013, Cop Block Radio‘s Eric Freerock was arrested for “Disobeying an Officer”, which translates to not showing his ID fast enough. It was his first arrest and this was his first trial. Unfortunately he doesn’t challenge the main claim against him, that he “refused” to show ID, which he did not, he simply returned the officer’s request with some questions, and was promptly arrested. Sadly, there is no video of their interaction, though I’ll link to other video of the checkpoint below. Here’s the full trial video from Keene district court – it’s also the first activist trial in the fancy new courthouse:

At the end, I confront a confused state trooper, “Jerome” over his threatening of me during the same DUI checkpoint when I attempted to exit a vehicle as a passenger.

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Ransom Levied Then Rescinded

Note, this post was first published to on Jan. 09, 2014


Have a not-too-favorable interaction with a police employee? Check out this page: and consider letting others know via The more we each speak the truth and look out for each other the better we’ll all be.




just doing my job isnt acceptable 1024x843 Ransom Levied Then Rescinded

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VIDEO: Heroic Keene Police Arrest Dangerous Cannabis Users

Keene police officers Kyle Macie and new guy Kevin Baca were on the streets last night protecting the town from the scourge of two young men, a bong, and some cannabis in jars. I happened across the scene last night while out biking, pulled out my phone, started up Bambuser, and recorded/streamed the scene:

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Keene CopBlocker Gets In Car of Police Victim At Traffic Stop

A local business owner is stopped and harassed and threatened by Keene police on 2013-10-18. Keene Cop Block‘s Ian Freeman is nearby and responds with his video camera. The man is happy for the scene to be recorded so Ian gets in the passenger side of the car!

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“City of Keene” v. “Robin Hood” – Day 1

On Monday, August 12, the “Evidentiary” hearing for the lawsuit filed by the “City of Keene” against six individuals collectively dubbed “Robin Hood” went down at “Superior” court in Keene. As the title of this post indicates, it was the first of what may be three or four days in legaland. The next date, which won’t happen in the next few weeks due to a full docket, is still to be determined.

Those of us named as “Robin Hood” were told be be present at 9am. We didn’t exit legaland until 4pm.

The “City of Keene” called parking enforcement officer (PEO) Linda “Lynn” Desruisseaux, counselor Mary Kimmel (who, while testifying, was getting paid 225FRNs/hour from the “City of Keene”), and former PEO Alan Givetz (who only got through part of his testimony – that which related to me, Pete Eyre). I then testified (as I had informed those present that the next day I was to leave the ‘shire for an extended period of time per the Police Accountability Tour).

When wrapping-up for the day both myself and John Meyer, who is representing the five other co-defendants, motioned to have my name removed from the injunction as there was no factual evidence to support my inclusion in the frivolous suit. Charles Bauer – the Concord-based lawyer hired by the “City of Keene”, was told he had 10days to respond.
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Kenny Meola Plays Hard to Get

On August 6th police departments across the states held “national night out” to try to better community relations.

I stopped by the Keene police department. Present was the BEARCAT – which was brought to town last year despite the overwhelming pushback from townsfolks who said “Thanks but no tanks!”

Right now, just an hour or so to the north, so-claimed “public officials” in Concord are attempting to do the same.

But hey – at least some folks at the LENCO plant down in Pitsfield, MA have jobs right?

They’re staying busy cranking out these vehicles. Thanks to federal money from the misnamed Department of Homeland Security – BEARCATS are now in 300 towns.

A DHS grant – which, to be clear, is coin stolen from taxpayers – also provided a mobile command center to the Cheshire County sheriffs – the outfit now headed by former Keene police employee Eli Rivera.

I was hopeful that I could finally have a conversation with someone who has thus far, played hard to get since my time in Keene.

Despite a number of attempts to initiate a convo, or even just get a reciprocal “hello” or “good afternoon” Ken Meola has steadfastly refused to engage. Perhaps today, in public, things would be different.

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Ed Burke Deems Ransom Levied By Lesley Collier Sound Despite Inability to Identify Victim


Jan. 9, 2014:


Edward Burke says that I owe the “City of Keene” 15FNRs or else.

This, despite the fact that no victim could be pointed to by Keene police employee Lesley Collier, who back in March left a ransom note on my Tahoe.

Nor could Collier point to any property damage that I had caused or even a single complainant.

To be clear, the ransom Burke says I owe is demanded simply because I disobeyed a decree that I never signed, which was written by some strangers I never met.
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Douglas, MA Taxpayers – Are You Happy Funding Patrick T. Foley’s Weekend Shopping in Keene?

Last Saturday, July 27th, 2013, Centurion and Garret (later joined by Jason Repsher) spotted a Crown Vic with MA plate 548J parked on the west side of Main Street.

Curious as to why the government vehicle would have crossed the arbitrary political boundary into the ‘shire, when a man exited Ye Goodie Shoppe and opened the door of the car he was questioned.

What do you think? Is it an appropriate use of taxpayer funds for Patrick T. Foley to drive 3 1/2 hours to pick up chocolates and other items?

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